Our First Blue Marlin of the Year June 29, 2014

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Here he is. The First Blue Marlin of the year for Wrecker Sport Fishing. Our sea conditions where a little ruff yesterday, made it a challenge to leader this fish. He came up on the bridge rod, at first we thought he was a tuna. Well he grabbed the bait and jumped right out of the water. Screaming from right to left. First Mate Brain Behe worked with the rest of the charter to quickly clear all the rods, and the lucky Sergio Pecora had his very first Blue Marlin on his hands. Wow what a fight. This fish was so fast at one point we where backing down at 10 knots on him, water splashing over the transom. He then decided to charge the boat, and go almost past our left rigger. The angler did a great job keeping the line tight, and we where able to leader and release the fish after about 32 minutes.

Wrecker Sportfishing

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