1st Mate Bobby Layton

As a young kid I used to fish off of the dock in ocean city where I grew up. Always catching lots of small fish like flounder and sea bass. I always had an urge to want to catch bigger fish and get out on the big boats with a rigger full of flags we all dreamed of working on. As I got a little older I started doing a lot of fishing on my parents boat and started venturing out into the ocean. Limited on knowledge and tackle we always were looking for the biggest fish we could find. So we would fish right off the coast of ocean city targeting duskies, sandbars, and spinner sharks and having a blast at it. My first real offshore experience was with my uncle on his 34 ft sea vee, we caught a few white Marlin including my first and I was hooked. I started working on sport fishing boats in ocean city shortly after and I doubt I’d want it to be any other way. Now I can live my child hood dream of coming into Ocean City inlet with a rigger full of flags.

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